My Creature Comforts is a family site. We’re two sisters, passionate about our pets – five wonderful dogs, eighteen happy rabbits, a pair of parrots, and a real chicken that won’t listen when we remind her that it’s about time she laid some eggs.

As well as our warm blooded creatures, we really like our fish, some of which live indoors and some that swim happily under a big wide sky in a specially made pond.

Sometimes we act as foster carers for rabbits that have lost their homes when our cities expand.

You’ll see that when it comes to animals and pets, we have plenty of experience and knowledge.

All of our lovable creatures like toys, so we have lots and lots of experience of the toys that pets like best. These are the toys we offer on this website for all your furry friends and birds, as well as lots of other products for all your pets needs, all brand new, all made with great care.

We sisters haven’t set up our site to make a fortune. We’re here to help other pet lovers. That’s why our prices remain so much better than almost any high street shop you could name.

When pet lovers order any of our products –my creature comforts – online, we get them into the post a s a p, and at the best possible price. Postal deliveries are very quick these days, so you and your pet won’t be kept waiting. We are based in both Nottinghamshire and Surrey, making it easy to supply all over the UK.

We’re always here to help, just an email away. If there’s something you’ve been looking for and you don’t see it here, just drop me an email and we’ll do our best to get it for you. We’re always happy to help.

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