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As the owner of these amazing schools, I welcome all of you to Home Away From Home Learning Center
Preschools. I am not only a mother of two amazing boys, but I am also someone who has a multitude of
experience owning more than 13 of my own childcare centers since 2001. As a mother, I understand
that choosing a childcare center is one of the most importance decisions you will ever make and that is
why we allow you to watch your child flourish, via Watch Me Grow. WMG is a secure webcam system
that offers you peace of mind. It allows you to watch your child all day long, from anywhere in the
world, at any time.

Our mission at HAFH is to provide a warm, nurturing, safe environment that welcomes all children and
families. Preschool is an exciting time filled with lots of wonder, exploration, self-confidence, selfexpression,
independence, and the love of learning. We guide children as they learn to work together and negotiate new relationships,
which foster an appreciation of differences in personalities and cultures. I also believe in parent’s involvement and that it
takes the home and school working together to raise a well-rounded child.

Here at HAFH we offer a stimulating and hands on environment for your child to learn through
investigation and discovery. Our Program is based on the Creative Curriculum along with our own
personal HAFH add-on approach. Our school promotes children to learn by process, experimenting and
thinking outside of the box. We encourage them to be independent, which will embody confidence that
will form wonder, curiosity through our play-based rich curriculum. We believe that children are builders
of their own learning experience. The teacher’s role is to guide, observe, facilitate, support, and inspire
the children.

Our centers have been carefully designed with spacious colorful classrooms, that allow the flow of each
child to work individually or in small groups. Our centers have invested and are equipped with the best
State-of-the-Art TeachSmart Hatch Interactive display whiteboards, that serves as a launchpad to
increase peer-to-peer dialogue and engagement, as well as thoughtful, teacher-led activities. With easy-to-schedule
activities, teachers can plan for the entire school year at once and launch the plan one day
at a time for a guaranteed successful school readiness year. This along with our beautiful manicured
playgrounds equipped with not only perma grass surfaces for safety, but also top-notch playground
equipment for children to play on and explore their gross motor skills or just have plain fun is what
learning is all about.

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