Doctor Dent

  • Address:2a The Broadway,Sandhurst GU479AB
  • Phone:7873255657

Doctor Dent Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an innovative process that permanently removes your vehicle door dings and minor dents using specialised hand tools to manipulate and flex the metal back to its original form.

Because PDR works from behind the vehicle’s damage, it does not require sanding, painting or body fillers. In most cases, there is no evidence a dent ever existed.    

Doctor Dent can remove most small dents and dings, from your vehicle including the bumper.    

Doctor Dent’s technicians will try to remove almost any dent to satisfy a customer, but will utilize their past experiences to determine whether or not a dent can be 100% removed.

Doctor Dent Paintless Dent Removal Service is intended for small dings and dents. Please be aware that major damage to a vehicle’s bodywork is inappropriate for our service most likely requiring bodyshop repairs.

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