Custom Cake Art

The story of Custom Cake Art began over 25 years ago.  With a huge interest in food and art as a child progressing into a carer in the fine dining food industry. Working in Michelin star restaurants and even Buckingham Palace for the Queen drove passions for fine Desserts and Cakes, which naturally led us here. Many years of baking Birthday cakes for friends, family and children became the start of what we are today. 

At Custom Cake Art we really do believe that Cakes should be a talking point and should not only taste amazing but look absolutely fantastic. We hear so often from our customers that our cakes look too good to eat. However we really do spend so much time creating recipes to ensure the taste matches the visual quality of our cakes. So dig in and get those cakes eaten.

If it looks too good to eat , it’s probably a Custom Cake Art Creation.

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