Rubina Kapoor Ltd

  • Address:Windsor House Cheney Street PINNER HA5 2TA
  • Phone:7957220299

Fashion is not something that exists in attire only, it has to do with inventive ideas that you will find at It is an ideal stop for fashion with a difference, a rare mix of sophistication with comfort.

Rubina Kapoor announces her arrival in the fashion world with a fantastic collection. She offers accessories that perk up the definition of style for women. A small ensemble of creativity and endowment that began out of her home, in 2006 has now evolved to wide collection available all over.

Color , the essence of life, is the focus of Rubina’s ensemble of fur scarves and shawls. Working around her family obligations she created this beautiful collection of Pashmina shawls that blended the eastern and western culture in the form of Indian Pashmina (a type of fine cashmere wool) and European Fox furs. The product has been well received all over and Rubina’s fashion shows have attracted celebrity attention and adornment of her collection. is an exclusive Fashion stop for women where you can browse and shop for Pashmina shawls , Lace shawls , Scarves , Semi-Precious Jewellery and more fashionable products with just a few clicks from the comfort of your home.

Rubina Kapoor also personally and professionally supports several charities including the Children’s Hope Foundation, Women’s India Association and Pratham UK. 

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