Roof Investigations Ltd.

  • Address:Albert House, 42 Seymour Road, Astley Bridge, Bolton BL1 8PT
  • Phone: 01204 595467
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Roof Investigations has been developed out of 30 years of experience in the structural waterproofing and roofing industry.

During this time we have established that the needs of the majority of building owners is to have accurate information about the condition of their flat roof stock to enable them to carry out planned maintenance and budgeting. Ineffective repairs and unnecessary roof replacement are a drain on their resources and they want to have more control.

Over the past four years we have researched the market and have developed and procured a wide range of non-destructive test methods from around the globe to allow us to provide our service to the building professional.

Services can be used on an individual specific test basis or several elements can be combined to provide a complete picture of the roofs condition.

Roof Investigations aims to provide professional building owners and managers with critical information with regard to the condition of their roofs so that they can make informed decisions to the correct course of action in their roof maintenance program.

As well as the range of analytical fault locating tests we are also able to provide QA testing of newly installed waterproofing. This is particularly important if the membranes are to be covered with paving or buried or if the roof is over a sensitive environment.

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