Raj Villa

  • Address:High Road, High Cross, Ware SG11 1BT
  • Phone:1920463353 / 7971191471
  • Email:mohammed.shabaz76@yahoo.com

A short drive out of Ware brings you to what must surely be Hertfordshire’s most vibrant and engaging Indian restaurant. With an aim to exceed the expectations of their guests, Raj Villa offer the best in contemporary Indian cuisine delivered with passion, pride and energy.
Although a popular stop for a quick takeaway, you would be well advised to stay and partake in the delightful ambience and fantastic service offered by the convivial Raj Villa team. From classic favourites to original house specialities, the broad menu offers a full range of Indian cuisine. The delightful energy of the staff, alongside the bold, colourful decor, lively music and exciting, innovative dishes at excellent prices, makes the Raj Villa the perfect venue for an intimate meal for two or a fun family get-together.

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