Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd

  • Address:1 Lady Lane, Audenshaw, Manches Audenshaw MANCHESTER M34 5FR
  • Phone:08000093314
  • Email:sales@radiatorcabinetsuk.co.uk
  • Website:www.radiatorcabinetsuk.co.uk

Radiator Cabinets can transform the look of your home, covering tired radiators whilst adding a focal point to display family memories or cherished possessions. You won’t totally appreciate what a transformation our radiator cabinets can create until they are installed in your home. We build each radiator cabinet as a piece of solid furniture, rather than the flimsy DIY store alternatives. Customise your bespoke radiator cabinet with your favourite grille pattern or Farrow and Ball colour. If our designs aren’t particularly to your taste or you’re looking to match an existing cabinet, we do offer a bespoke manufacturing service.

As a family owned and run business, we focus on providing the best possible radiator cabinets. It’s the reason why we get so much repeat and word of mouth orders. We don’t want to supply you with something we wouldn’t have in our own home. Our standards are high, we don’t scrimp or make do. We have subtle, refined design details, but above all our cabinets are built to last, to be a permanent feature in your home. We apply plenty of paint and it’s tough, durable and free from brush marks.

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