Ochilview Garden Services

  • Address:UpstairsFlat KinneilHouse FK20QS
  • Phone:07723303139
  • Email:gardening@cagaran.co.uk
  • Website:http://cagaran.co.uk

We are both 34, and met at Lancaster University, where I was studying Management and Richard was studying Physics. I am originally from Falkirk and my parents still live there, about 15 minutes from our current home. Richard is originally from Loughborough, in the East Midlands, but decided to move North with me when we finished at Uni and I was offered a job in my family’s business (GMS Music) in Scotland.

Richard had finished at Uni before me and started running a gardening business: nothing to do with Physics but far more enjoyable, and something that he had been passionate about since he was a child. When I was offered the job in Scotland and we decided to move, Richard had to leave his clients behind in Lancaster. Luckily for us, we met Eddie, who was retiring from his gardening business and looking for someone to look after his clients. He and Richard hit it off straight away, and Richard took over the business in 2007. They are still friends today, and Richard now has a loyal client base across the Falkirk area from Bo’ness in the East to Bonnybridge in the West. His business is called Ochilview Garden Services.

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