McLaughlin Furniture

Dan’s surname, McLaughlin (Pronounced: Mac-lock-lin) originates from across the Celtic Sea in Ireland, where his grandfather was once an amateur furniture maker, crafting items such as a rocking horse which Dan played with as a child. Dan’s father emigrated from Ireland to London in the 1960’s and Dan was born and raised in Hertfordshire. It was here that he started to develop his passion for wood, working at a local timber yard on Saturdays and during the summer holidays whilst still at college. After finishing college, he began working as a full time joiner in Watford, before the family relocated to Cumbria, (his mother’s home county) where her father had also been a keen woodworker, transforming wooden crates into pieces of furniture for the family home, during post war austerity.

Once settled in Cumbria, Dan undertook a five year traditional apprenticeship with one of the finest bespoke kitchen and furniture making companies in Cumbria. Dan’s training focussed on the production of freestanding pieces of furniture such as: dining tables, dressers and sideboards. He also began to accumulate woodworking tools and machinery with ambitions of one day setting up his own bespoke furniture company.

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