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I have been blessed with 3 amazing children;
Josiah aka Joe-Joe; 9 years old, wears hearing aids and is the most charming, helpful, quirkiest energy ball out of the 3
Jeremiah aka Jam Jam; 2 years old, best described as sticky, cheeky, loving and a typical geeza in the making. Finally
Tianna-Ruby aka Tee-Tee; 1 year old, the beautiful Princess, strong-willed, carefree and observant.
They truly are my rocks. They are the reason why I fight in life.
I am currently battling my way through life trying to be the best Mum, friend and business woman I can be.
I struggle to show love at the right times, I struggle to display patience when my children need me to listen, and I struggle to accept me for who I am…..but I refuse to struggle for much longer.
Many people sum the role of a Mother up to be something simple and effortless, but only a Mother herself can know how immense her position to the family is. As a Mum my role cannot be put into one sentence, nor is it one paragraph, I can only speak of situations bit by bit as they occur in hope that the value of a Mother can be elevated and respected a lot more.
In a time of feeling devalued I realised I did not want to stay in a negative state and the name “I Am Mum” came to heart.
In writing this blog I am empowering myself to reflect and become a better person…and I KNOW I am not alone. My goal is to connect with Mums who are in my boat wanting to be a change and wanting to connect with their children on a different level..so please let me encourage you and you will encourage me too. Inbox me, leave comments and share your experiences.

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