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There are many reasons as to why someone would require a drain camera survey (also called a CCTV Drainage survey). It may be because you are buying a new house and the surveyor believes there might be an issue with the drains or you may be building a new home and need to find the correct existing drainage system to connect your new home to or you may have recurring blockages and need to find out why this is happening.

For a small fee Elite Pipeline Services Pills  can visit your site and carry out a drain camera survey with no mess or fuss. We use the latest in drain surveying technology with our state of the art Ibos push rod and crawler cameras and then reported on Wincan software as preferred by local water authorities. We can complete video footage on site and you can receive the survey with recommendations and quotations for remedial work if required within 24 hours.

As time goes on, drains and sewers can deteriorate leading to possible structural problems. The cause for this deterioration can be for a variety of different reasons from ground movement to simply poor construction. Once problems arise, it is vital to know exactly where they are and what you are dealing with.

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