Elcot Environmental

Elcot Environmental were founded in 1963 and we now have a proud 54 year background in landscape contracting and weed control. We have been managing Japanese Knotweed for over 35 years – specialising since the mid 90’s – and have unrivalled experience of managing Knotweed issues for clients on development sites.

Throughout all of this experience we have been unable to find a “fire and forget” mysterious secret treatment which we can guarantee will totally eradicate Japanese Knotweed on any site in the short term.

We have, however, developed methods and systems based on attention to detail and a combination of controls available which are proven to work. We also have a total commitment to complete long term Japanese Knotweed eradication on every site.

We are able to offer our clients a complete assessment of all Knotweed issues relating to a site, providing fixed price options. This will enable construction programs to be maintained and will include costs of all residual risks, including Japanese Knotweed not within the site boundaries but adjoining.

We have been providing Japanese Knotweed packages for a number of years and have assisted vendors of development land by establishing a true management cost of Knotweed, occasionally being novated to the purchaser to complete the package.

The majority of our clients are regulars from the top 100 U.K. Construction Companies.

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