Botanical Ironworks

Artist blacksmith, David Scott, originally trained in mechanical engineering but, frustrated by the blandness of modern ironwork, embarked on an objective to create ironwork of both quality and originality that would appeal to those searching for something a little different. Combining his mechanical background and eye for the unusual, David creates pieces which add depth and richness to any natural location yet blend seamlessly within the surroundings.

David has been using metal creatively for over 25 years, using both traditional and modern processes, and loves the natural patination of weathered iron, both for its aesthetic features and for the way it blends with the natural landscape. He has gained renown for his woven ironwork which is inspired by the traditional craft of basket weaving and works particularly well as a design element of gates and railings. 

Botanical Ironworks is located in the historic heart of Leighton Buzzard, just behind the high street and in the shadow of the medieval All Saints Church. It is in this historic church where ironwork created by the famous 13th century blacksmith, Thomas of Leighton, can be seen in the great West Door. 

Our forge once served as the stables and forge of the Rothschild family from the early 1800s and was later used to manufacture munitions during the Second World War. After the war the building had various uses until we brought history round full circle and transformed it into our fully equipped hot and cold working forge.

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