Aardvac Carpet Cleaning Specialists

  • Address:28 Ireton Cl, Norwich NR7 0TW
  • Phone:7776144949
  • Email:mrbarryparsons@hotmail.co.uk
  • Website:http://www.aardvac.co.uk

We offer a full range of carpet cleaning services, ranging from small domestic jobs to pubs, restautrants, office complexes, colleges and hotel chains.

We can offer you a FREE no obligation quote right now, so contact us for more information.

We use a multi-stage high pH cleaning process to pre-treat carpet and upholstery before we do the hot water extraction, thus providing superior cleaning results. The rinsing agent used in our machines will lift out the dirt and return the carpet or upholstery to it’s natural pH.
So good is our technique, that most stains do not even have to be specially treated as they are lifted out using our standard cleaning process.

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